Electric Motors

Sales - We have a wide variety of motors in our warehouse stock for you to choose from. Whether you call, email us, or come to our sales or service counters, our experienced staff will listen and determine your needs. If you send or bring in a motor you want to replace, we will match it up with a suitable replacement. If we don’t have what you need, we can quickly get it for you. Service, Repair & Rewinds - If you send or bring in your electric motor for service or repair, we will determine what the problem is and quote it or repair it, depending upon your preference. If we determine that it would be cheaper for you to replace the motor, we will offer alternatives and will quote on the repair and the replacement for you to choose from. If your motor needs to be rewound, and you authorize the repair, we use only the best copper wire, insulating paper and varnish to rebuild your motor to a like new condition.


We carry a wide variety of large and industrial use motors. Although we have a large stock of motors, if we don’t have in stock what you need, we will listen and our experienced staff will determine what you need. We will locate the motor and give you a quote. If you need us to come to your local plant or business location to help you determine your needs, we will do that too.